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Planning a memorial service to honour the life of a loved one can be an emotionally difficult task. Sometimes working to a prearranged funeral plan will present difficulties, while making decisions for a loved one who has not left express wishes can also prove an emotionally challenging task.

Our funeral directors help you to plan a fitting funeral service, one where all the essential details are seen to by a professional team, so that you can pay attention to the moments that really matter.

Founded in Somerville in 1976, Edward (Ted) Bull & Daughter Funeral Directors help Mount Waverley locals and those throughout the South Eastern Suburbs.

Our Funeral Services for Mount Waverley Families

The Bitterest tears shed over graves are
for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

– Harriet Beecher Stowe

Burial or Cremation Services Near Mount Waverley

If your loved one has already made plans, then there may be a burial plot, mausoleum, or cremation memorial space set aside. If you and your family are currently making plans together, then you may wish to decide whether you will want to know that there is a tranquil space that you can come to year after year.

Choosing either burial or cremation services in Mount Waverley can be especially important if you want to know that a place to reflect on your loved one’s memory will always be close by.

For others the option of cremation allows them to keep their loved one’s ashes in their own safekeeping.

Whatever your family’s traditions, beliefs, or wishes, our funeral directors will help you to make the practical arrangements that are needed.

Prearranged and Prepaid Funerals for Mount Waverley

When planning a funeral service in Mount Waverley, there are many options to consider. The area’s many worship centres and nearby memorial parks mean that there will be an option that fits well with your traditions and beliefs. This also means that the options can become overwhelming for grieving families.

One way that many of our clients choose to ease the stress and urgency of these decisions is with a prearranged or prepaid funeral. Mount Waverley locals who are exploring the options available to them and their loved ones can speak to our funeral directors at any time for guidance and advice.

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