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Funeral Directors Narre Warren

Here at Edward (Ted) Bull & Daughter Funeral Directors, we understand the importance of the funeral or memorial service in allowing family, friends, loved ones and the community to say their final goodbyes.

Rituals may vary from family to family, culture to culture, but gathering together to share grief and precious memories is a common theme for all.

If you are searching for caring funeral directors in Narre Warren who will listen to your wishes for a personalised service, then please feel free to contact Edward (Ted) Bull & Daughter Funeral Directors.

The Bitterest tears shed over graves are
for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

– Harriet Beecher Stowe

Burial or Cremation Services Near Narre Warren

The choice for burial or cremation is a personal one, and often a decision that people have made and expressed in advance. If you would like to talk to our funeral directors about the various burial and cremation services near Narre Warren, then we can walk you through the choice of local memorial parks, crematoriums and cemeteries where burial plots, cremation memorials and mausoleum options are available.

The options for burial will range from the very traditional, including lawn graves with plaques, to headstones or monumental graves. A number of local cemeteries also include beautiful, architecturally designed mausoleums within their grounds.

Options for cremation include traditional scattering, wall niche and urn options. While many memorial parks also include modern features where ashes can be housed in niches beside water features or other memorial structures.

Other modern cremation options include the creation of Life Gem diamonds and handcrafted jewellery.

Prearranged and Prepaid Funerals for Narre Warren

Today, many clients come to us to enquire about prearranged or prepaid funerals. Narre Warren locals can talk to us at any time with no obligation. Prearranged funerals will not be the right choice for everyone, but they can offer a unique opportunity to record your wishes, or even to plan a meaningful celebration with your loved ones.

Another reason for choosing this option is that it can help to take the financial stress away from planning a funeral service. Narre Warren locals may choose to secure their funeral plans at today’s prices.

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