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How to Make Preparations for a Funeral




The passing away of a loved one is an extremely challenging time for the bereaved family. The grieving members are going through an emotional roller coaster when they have to take on the responsibility of making funeral arrangements for their loved one. It can never be easy to say the last goodbye to someone whom you loved so dearly, but life is about learning to come to terms with the present and finding a purpose again. Holding a funeral service in the memory of your loved one is the first step in that direction. Here’s a list of steps to help you make arrangements for the funeral of the deceased…

  • Choose a Funeral Provider: Making arrangements for someone’s funeral can be overwhelming. You need to first decide on a funeral provider to organize the service. Edward Ted Bull & Daughter Funeral Directors is an Australian-owned company who have been providing funeral arrangements, pre-planned funerals, affordable cremation and pre-paid funeral services to the Somerville community since the past 42 years.
  • Provide the Deceased’s Information to the Funeral Provider: Once the funeral provider has been chosen, you need to provide them with some basic information. This includes – the deceased’s full name, the place and date of birth as well as their place and date of death, the deceased’s next of kin, your name, contact info and relationship with the deceased, name of the deceased’s doctor, how soon the services need to be.
  • Decide which Type of Funeral to Choose: When planning for someone else’s funeral, you should check if there was a certain way in which they wanted their funeral to be conducted. If that has not been specified, you can ask their spouse, significant other, child or a close friend for the same. There are 3 kinds of funeral which vary in cost depending on how simple or elaborate you want the ceremony to be: Traditional, Direct Burial Funeral and Direct Cremation.
  • Make Arrangements for Payment: The cost of the funeral ceremony would vary depending upon how advanced or elaborate you choose to make it. For instance, if you choose for an open viewing/visitation, you may be required to pay for the embalming. If you bury or cremate the body shortly after the death, though, you would not have to pay for the embalming services.

We hope that you found these tips helpful. In order to get in touch with Edward Ted Bull & Daughter Funeral Directors to arrange a funeral service for a loved one, contact us at [03] 5977 5684.